Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What was I thinking?

I was looking at some of my apron poses that don't make it on the blog and thought what the heck was I thinking?
This one I I look like I am off in dreamland.
I think I am trying to be sexy or coy or something, instead I look like a goof ball.
What can I say about this one?
I look deformed.
I must have been bored here.
Believe me I can show you a ton more.
So what do you think?
Could I be a professional apron model or what? (HEE HEE)


shaina said...

It's not always easy to take a decent picture!

NadineC said...

Actually.....you could be modeling a gummy sack apron and still make it look sexy :-) Even the ones you think are bad are better than my best ones, LOL!

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

You'll always be a cutie to me.

Yarni Gras! said...


Yvette said...

sheeesh your braver than I, and you look fine in all of them, the one with the red shoes and black and white tights reminds me of the legs in the Wizard of Oz when the house fell on the "bad witch"....cute shoes by the way :)