Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last year at The Alaska state fair.

Dale and I took the kids to the State fair Yesterday.
It was the perfect day.
We have had the rainest summer but Yesterday the sun was out all day long , not a sprinkel in sight.
We started the day looking at all the giant vedgetabels.
I am always amazed at how big they grow here.

Maddy was lucky enough to pet one of the teenager rabbits, This patcualar bread becomes a teenager at 3 months. (Can you imagine you 3 month old being a teenager)
Next we looked at all the tractors and other big equipment.
Of course Ben had a grin from ear to ear, he loves trucks and tractors.
We then went on to the rides, we warned our kids that they could only ride a few, because we are going to Disneyland in October.
Then they can ride all the rides they want.
I snapped this shot just prove I went with them.
I am not sure why Robbie has his eyes closed.
Of course we had to eat as much fair food as we could stomach.
For me I hardly ate any thing just bites here and there.
Now that I have been exercising and eating more healthy I have the curse of junk food making me feel sick.
We ended the day watching this amazing magician do tons of fun illusions.
I had to laugh because Madeleine my skeptic kept catching every mistake he had and called him on each one.
I think he was a little irateded by her remarks.
It was a long fun day full of memories I was a little sad knowing that it was our last Alaskan state fair.

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