Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lazy day

It is cold and sleeting out side After tuesdays close calls I am staying in today.
I kinda love the excuse to stay in and create.
So I thought watch a movie drink some hot Chocolate and sew some monster faces.

He is going to be sew cute;)
I think I will call him Jasper.

So what are you doing today?


kadie dahl said...

Working! I wish I could have a lazy day! I haven't had one since I started working here! So we're gonna do something new...Every other week we're gonna stay home for the weekend. We decided we dont really feel like we get a weekend. So this weekend we're going to his fam dam, next we're staying in Anchorage and then we'll se you. Hope that works for you guys :) Love you and I bet those monster faces will be way cute!

kadie dahl said...

Oh by the by I used that recipe you gave me last night. I put it on pizza and added chicken and baccon and tomatos and carelized onions and green onions. SUPER GOOD! New fav. and Daniel thinks I'm a godess : )