Friday, November 26, 2010

To be grateful # 25&26

Ok I missed yesterday's to be grateful ,
I was just having to much fun!.
Yesterday I was grateful that my whole family was together.
I was also grateful that my first attempt at a real pie turned out, I made the best pecan pie ever.
I was grateful to wake up to new snow and that it snowed all day long.
I was grateful to live here in America..
I am grateful for all those fighting for or freedoms.

Today I am grateful that for the first time in years I did not do the black Friday rush. Ok I lied I went to Walmart at 12am but I did not get up at 2 am and spend hundreds of dollars like I normally do.
I am grateful for my silly Children , They really make me laugh.
I am grateful for my children who were brave enough to take snow pictures with me yesterday.
Today I am grateful for my wonderful daughter Kadie and my sweet son inlaw Dan.

Don't you just love there sweaters.

Today I am grateful for these ugly nice warm snow boots
Ok just joking these boots are my sons old ones that are 4 sizes to big for me.

So what are you grateful for today?


Sarah C. said...

Lots of wonderful things to be grateful for! I'm very grateful for family. And, today, I'm grateful for a massage appt that my back so desperately needs! :)

izzy said...

Family time is always the best!! Great post :)

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