Monday, November 22, 2010

My crazy morning.

Today I am grateful that my family is home because of extreme weather.
My first phone call was from Dale at 6;50 am don't go any where today to roads are pure ice.

second phone call from the school district 6:58we are still have school but buses are running late.

Third phone 7:21 school is still in session but you might want to keep kids home.

4th phone call 7:23 from Garrett "I am at a friends house bus never came " I said "why are you at your friend's house and not at home" ummm umm Get home Garrett.

5th phone call  7: 29 Robbie "we are walking all the girls home so they wont slip". How sweet of you " come right home afterwards."

6th phone call from school didtric  elementary schools in core buzz message was cut off.

7th  call  8:09 message All elementary schools are closed roads are not safe. {hmm you figuered this out}

8th phone call  8:10 from friend calling to make sure my kids did not go to school because a bus was over turned. { maybe because the roads werent safe} Praying nobody got hurt.

7th phone call  8:12 from husband I am still in traffic he had been on the road 2 hours for a 45 min drive.

Checked email  at 8:15 one from school saying Mylissa was not in class my only child to go to school because she was dropped of for early seminary at 6am.

I call  her school at 8:16 making sure Mylissa was there and that she needed to ride the bus home I repeated tell her not to ride home with any of her teenage friends.

They called her class room and verified she was there, apparently they had a lot of these phone calls today.
1 teenage girl is missing I am praying she skipped school and is at a friends house.

9:30 am Dale shows up at home after finally making it to Anchorage after almost 3 hours on the road to find out the base was on code black no one on the bas  no one one off the base. {Why could the not have figured this out 2 hours prior when he called to say he was going to me late}

9:40 we are all cleaning the house

(Robbie cleaning the bath room)

(Garrett washing down the table.)

(Shelly folding laundry)

10:40 My whole house is clean thanks to 5 helpers.

What a morning.
So what has your morning been like?


Laura said...

Tried to make the trip to school, couldn't make it out of our neighborood! Called in to tell the office I wouldn't make it (I was teaching today) and they said they were about to cancel school. Kids celebrated, all of us back in jammies, watched a movie, now de-junking rooms. Yay! Glad you are all safe and sound.

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

Well, its in the 80's here. I would love it if you sent some of that cool wind our way!