Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To be Be grateful #2

To day I am grateful for Ben and his ability to over come his disease.
He has severe eczema .
I always giggle inward when people say they have eczema like the have a clue what Ben is going thru.
Only 10% of society has eczema as bad as Ben.
He has had it since he was 6 months old and it has never gone away.
On his feet it is the worse.
His feet are always thick with scabs and bloody and cracked.
Once in great while it his feet are just extremely dry this has only happened 2 times in his 6 years.
He also has this rare skin condition where his white blood cells will fight against his good immunity's in his skin and come to the surface as painful blisters.
If all this was not bad enough he has the cold sore vierse all over his skin.
Just like a cold sore on most people's faces you brake out with these oozing pain full blisters on the corners of your mouth when stressed.
Well Ben brakes out with them all over his feet legs and hands..
I am grateful that this rarely happens.
Last night He was crying because he was so itchy.
He said Momma I know one day heavenly Father will heal my skin but I really hurt right now, can you pray with me so I can get some relief.
My heart broke and smiled at the same time Ben has so much faith, for that I am extremely grateful for.

I am also grateful for my children's laughter, for the sunshine we have had.
I am grateful for my husbands job that provides the things we want and need.
I am grateful for Dale and the love that he has for our family.
I am grateful for oatmeal it always warms and fills me up.

So what are you grateful for today?


cata said...

I am grateful for my hard working husband, for my 3 wonderful kids.

shaina said...

Poor Ben. It's so hard to treat skin conditions. Kolby's is pretty bad all over his legs, but not as bad as Ben's. We have been using a blend of Vics vapor rub and Bag balm. It is amazingly impressive, how it helps Kolby's skin stay moisturized.

Ann Marie said...

Poor little Ben.. I somewhat know his pain.

I have it severe now as well. I had it a little bit as a child.. but it was never bad until about 2 years ago. I want to blog about it.. and I will.. when I get some more answers.

My hands get blistered.. and swell. I can only use CeraVe on my hands and that is all. They did an allergy test.. and I am allergic to most soaps.. shampoos.. lotions.. everything!! So.. my husband shampoo's my hair a lot.... I have to wear gloves when I do dishes.. work in the yard.. everything!! It sucks!! ~ And that itching Ben describes is AWFUL with a capital "A".

I have decided to go in to the Allergist one more time and see if their are any FOODS that could be making my skin bad as well also. I have been told that it can come from food allergies as well.

I am grateful TODAY that I only have one open sore on my hand. :)

Yarni Gras! said...

What a wonderful post. It is such a joy to know that Ben has such faith in the Almighty! Today I am grateful for having a day off with my children, the ability to vote and a chicken cooking away in the pot....with my husband on his way home!

KBriggs said...

Today i am thankful my DD doesn't have that bad of an eczema like she had a year ago.
i am sorry Ben has to deal with this. it is just heart breaking for a mom.
Faith has had eczema since she was about 6 to 8 months old and it got so bad that most nights i will find my kid with her little hands covered in dry blood, i made her gloves so she wouldn't scratch but it didn't work. tried hydrocortisone and it didn't work.
it wasn't until i made my own oil/cream out of almond oil, org. coconut oil, org. beeswax, vit. E, EV olive oil and some other org. stuff and she started to itch less but still red and swollen but it wasn't until i changed her diet completely that eczema started to really go away. she can ONLY eat org. foods and ONLY honey as sugar. no refined nothing.
i hope you find something that would ease Ben's eczema.
i will be praying God will give you the wisdom to find something for him.
i went to several doctors and not one could give me the right solution.

Tulsi said...

Have you tried essential oils. go to everythingessential.com. There is a search you can put a ailment or oil. My granddaughter gets little spots on occassion and lavender works really well. It has to be the essential oil, not just fragrance.