Friday, November 12, 2010

A play date with Miss M!

You may here me mention Miss M from time to time.
Miss M is the little girl I get the pleasure to watch 4 days a week.
Miss M's mommy is one of the most amazing since teachers I know.
Miss M's Mommy had a baby 5 weeks ago MR. J.
So I haven't had Miss M in a while.
So I took her out on a date today.
I love this little girl so much she was a big part of healing my broken heart.
I had a a hard time being around babies after Williams death.
I hated feeling like this I did not know what to do about it so I prayed that this would change.
2 and a half years ago Miss M needed a babysitter My girl friend was watching her at the time.
So i said go ahead and give her mom my name I new it would only be for 2 months until school was out.
Well in those two months Miss M captured my hart and I fell in love.
I am so grateful for this little girl and i have the best time with her.
I have know doubt that heavenly Father had his hand in this arrangement and I thank him every day for his wisdom and love for me.

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