Monday, November 1, 2010

To be Be grateful

I really cant believe that is November.
Since November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving I have decided to write a post each day of this month about what I am grateful for.
So here I go.
Today I am grateful for good friends far away, close by, Face book friends, bloggy friends and all the other.
You always know how to lift my spirits.
I am also grateful for sunsets.

The symbol of the end of the day and the promise that tomorrow will be a new day.
I am also grateful for movies that allow me to cry and get my sadness out, and nobody else around me is the wiser.

So what are you all grateful for today?


shaina said...

What a great idea.
I'm also grateful for friends, near and far, and that particular friends who are far, soon will be near!

Linda Ruthie said...

A lovely idea indeed. Today, I am grateful for the love of my husband and son.

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm doing Thankful Thursdays so stop by and add in!
just celebrating my anniversary I'll say that I am grateful for God putting Dean into my life at the right time....and giving me the sense to fall in love with the 'good guy!"