Thursday, November 11, 2010

To be Be grateful#11

Today I am grateful for all the vets in my life .

My handsome husband who has served the last 20 years of his life for this country.
He has seen the true evils of war and things I would never wish on my worse enemy.
My biggest fear when he left for a Mash unit in Blahed 5 years ago was not that he would die but that he would change because of what he saw.
He did change mostly for the good but there is things he saw that he will never share with me and that makes me sad that he he cant share every thing with me.
Maybe one day I will be brave enough to read his war journal and understand better.
I am so grateful for him and honored to be his wife.

(This is my grandpa Pete.)
Both my Grandfathers Carl Cole and Charles Peterson served in world war 2 in the Navy.
I loved hearing there war stories when I was little.
I am grateful for Dales Grandfather the funniest man I have ever known for his service in the Army.

My Father in law who served in Vietnam, My Dad who served in the air force for 20 years

Last but not least my brother in law Dan the invisible man.
I call him this because he has been Married to my sister for 8 years and I have never met him.
The reason I have never met him is because when ever we have had a chance to meet he has been called off to war.
I don't know how many tours he has been on but I know it's more than 10.
He is there right now.
A few years a go he was wounded and was given the purple heart.
He is an amazing man and I am proud he is my brother in law.

As my husband beautifully put it Sunday it is our obligation to thank those who serve our county today.
With out these veteran's we could not be enjoying the freedoms of this country we live in.

So what are you grateful for today?


Elizabeth said...

Thank you. I always knew that your father served and Dales father too, but I never knew that their fathers did too. J.R. is in Afganastain right now. I love you and I love your Grateful posts.

Yarni Gras! said...

The same thing you are today....I'm from a military family too . Father, brother and brother in law all served....