Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To be Be grateful #24

Today I am grateful for Garrett.
12 years a go today I gave birth to a sweet 6lb 19" long little boy.
I can't believe my little baby is now 5'10" and 145 giant..
He is such a good little big boy and we love him so much, he makes us laugh and smile every day.

I am also grateful for my kidos who are so excited for Garrett's birthday, they are working hard on decorating the house for him.
I am grateful for our good friend who came a got Garrte to check the traps they set (Yuck I know) he loves it.
To day I am grateful for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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Sarah C. said...

Happy belated birthday to Garrett! I hope he had a wonderful day. How sweet of his siblings to decorate for him. :) Have a very happy Thanksgiving!