Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Reasons Why I still love you.

The answer to yesterdays question is . I am making Madie some hair bows and embellishing a pair of pants for Valentines day. I will also be making me a fun apron. I will post pixs when they are all done.
I made this LO of Dale and Me. I am not so thrilled with how it turned out . I should have used plane paper for the journaling instead of patterned. I guess this is how you learn.
I also wanted to share this great purse I found at our local thrift store. It was only 50 cents so I had to buy it for a Valentines purse.

If this post makes no sence it's because my head is still so fuzzy. I hate hveing colds .


Beth said...

I love the purse. They LO isn't showing right now, but I am sure it is as cute as all of the others.

I wanted to start scrapbooking, but I found I was too much of a perfectionist. I gave up, but I didn't get rid of my stuff. Maybe I will start again.

Wishing you get better soon, Beth

Abby said...

Hi Jen! I love your blog! I'm getting back with you about the apron swap - I've got a name to pass on to you so if you could email me abbywelker(at)yahoo(dot)com I'll pass that along to you!!! Thanks!

Sarah C. said...

((HUGS)) Hope that cold is gone soon! I'm finally breathing ok again after 6 days...yikes.

Cute LO! I love that pic of you two. And, wow! - what a deal on the fun bag.

When you feel up to it, take a peek on my blog. You've been tagged. :)

shaina said...

The most important thing about the layout is that you wrote down 10 things you love about him! You can always re-do the journaling if you don't like the patterned paper.

Hope you are feeling better.

PamperingBeki said...

What a cute purse! Good thrift find.

I don't scrapbook so I can't help you there but I think it looks good!

Hannah said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog header. It made my day.