Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things that make me smile.

My little Neighbor Marty He makes me smile all the time he is just so sweet and funny.
He always comes over during the day to see if Ben or some one else can play with him and to ask for cookies. yesterday he came over and when I opened the door he looked in to the house at the floor and then looked at me with this big grin on his face I new he saw some thing that he liked so I looked all around me to see what it could be I then saw him looking at my toe's. He said Miss Jennifer your toes are so pretty. I wish you all could have seen the look of awe and happiness that something as simple as painted toe nails brought to his face. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside he totally made my week. I then said Marty do you want some cookies he eagerly bobbed his head yes. The sweetness of a 4 year old boy that makes me smile.
The smell of Downy Fabric softener always brings a smile to my face. When ever I smell it it reminds me of William. Mixed with his sweet baby smells you could always smell downy from his clothes and blankets. So when ever I smell April fresh Downy I think of my little boy. I some times take out his blankets and if the downy smells are gone I will rewash them just so I can feel closer to him when i hold his blankets. They say smell triggers memory's good and bad. I believe it to be true.

Last but not least Godiva Chocolates make me smile. I love the they smell, look and taste. I also love there packaging . I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I hope the Easter bunny brings me some. The other reason they make me smile is because of my best friend Berni Joe It is some thing we always get when we are together.

So what makes you smile?


In transition said...

I love Sundays, getting dressed up for church and coming home for what we call a hodgeodge lunch - little bits of leftovers from the week that weren't eaten... we heat is all up and share and have fun, then we go outside and play sports... it makes me very happy!

I think it is adorable that little boys are charmed by your toes... they probably don't see many toes in freezing cold AK:)

Karen & Matt said...

It's amazing the things that make us smile. How sweet is this post! thanks for sharing. my family makes me happy, jewelry makes me happy, I wish I had cute feet like you mine have major problems!!! it makes me happy to be able to dress up and go out the simple things make me happy.

Gabrielle said...

My kids make me smile. LOVE those shoes girl! :)