Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fashion Do's and Dont's..

In Jennifersworld I think everyone should know how to dress it comes natural to me so why doesnt the rest of the world know how to.
That's how I use to think in my teens. Now as an adult I realise everybody has there Natural talents and not everybody's are the same. I am teaching a class on Friday to my sweet sister friends here in Alaska on fashion do's and dont's. I thought it would be fun to ask you all my Blogging friends some things I should share with them. Tell me what are some of the things you see people wearing that you cant stand or that you know is a fashion no no that people may not know about. Maybe some of you have your own fashion crises share them with me maybe they will help me in teaching my class.
I would love to hear what you all think cant wait to hear you answers..


In transition said...

The #1 fashion don't that I see the most is the muffin top - for goodness sake, find pants that fit! If you can see that it is hangin over - we all can see it too:)

I could think of no one better to teach this class!

Shea said...

Mom jeans. I think a good pair of "modern" jeans can make any woman look younger and skinnier. There is nothing that ages you more than wearing a pair of tapered jeans with a 20 inch rise.

I think my advice also would be to not be afraid of stores. I think a lot of women are afraid to go into the stores in the mall because they think they are too old or wouldn't fit into the clothes. Gap has up to size 16 and plus sizes online. Also I spend less on sale items at good stores than I would if I shopped at Walmart.

Gabrielle said...

What a perfect class for you! You will ROCK! :)

Any outfit looks better with ACCESORIES! :)

mamaduck said...

I still remember shopping at Ross with you after an HFPE on time. I had so much fun and found a great skirt/sweater/shoes that I never would have put together on my own. My lesson learned- shop with friends! Not only is it more fun but they can give you great feedback.
I had a friend that wore the same black jeans and white shirt with blue button up blouse over it multiple times a week. We took her out and she was embarrassed to wear other pants, but she looked great. She finally gave in to one pair and a new shirt. Guess what she always wore after that?
Ooo, and I know I would love to learn how to accessorize, whether it is with jewelery or shoes or layers of shirts. I need help!

PamperingBeki said...

I have major problems with jeans and tennis shoes together! They are typically Mom jeans though.