Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Madeline..

My baby girl turned 7 today!! How can that be? Time is just slipping away..

So for her lovely birthday we went to church came home ate then had yummy cheesecake.

We then sang happy birthday and let her open up her gifts .
She got lots of fun things she had been asking for When I asked her what she liked the best she said the cute fuzzy coat you got me. I just love it!! It's almost like the one I had when I was 3..
I can't believe she remembered that coat. She was so sad when I gave it away.
So I was super happy when I found this one.


Charlotte Cramer said...

Gosh I know what you mean!! My baby boy will be 6 March 4th!!! Time is flying way too fast!! I love her coat and I am glad she had a great birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Madeline!!!! :)

Ter said...

Happy Birthday!!!!