Tuesday, February 19, 2008


911- Hello this is so and so what is your Emergency

Me- My 3 year old is lost in the forest beside my house.

911 what is your little boys Name

Me Benjamin

911- What was he wearing?

Me -His Yellow and blue snow suit his coat oh my goodness I cant remember what coat he is wearing.

911-Dose he have a hat on

Me -I don't know Oh my goodness I don't know if he has his mittens on. Oh no he must be cold

911-what is his hair color

Me- He is blond with big blue eyes

911-I am going to disconnect you and call dispatch. We will be calling you right back whats your name ?

Me- Jennifer sob sob sob

911-it's OK we are going to find him.

The scariest phone conversation I ever had.
While I was talking to 911 my neighbor took off to the highway where the forest leads out she saw a snow dump guy and asked if he happend to see a little boy in a bright Yellow jacket. He said ya he is over by the big piles of snow where they take all the snow from the city street. She said oh my goodness drove over there and begun to yell his name he was just watching the dump trucks dump the snow. She said thank goodness for his Yellow coat or she would have never saw him and he would have never heard her over the noise.
While this was going on I had mylissa go and get some of the other neighbors too look for him. My neighbors Van rolled up just as the policeman got there we were all so relieved to see Ben . We just started crying. It was so scary. The police man told me they had all the firemen Policemen search and rescue all on there way to come look for Ben. I was so touched and amazed at how serious the took a call of a missing child. The police man was so reassuring that it was alright and that I did the right thing calling 911. He said you just never know with him being lost in the forest because of the wild life and just the weather in general.
I asked my neighbor if Ben was scared. She said no He just looked at me and said Iam just trying to find my friends. He had no clue all this drama was unfolding at home.
What happened was Ben saw that his little friend went home and started to fallow him then took a wrong turn we guess. The older kids noticed Ben and Marty were missing so they went home to make sure they were OK. When they got back they saw Marty and not Ben So they came and got me so we kept calling his name know he could not be far. After about 20mins I got scared I looked at my neighbor and said I am calling 911..
I am so glad this had the ending it did I am so glad that Heavenly Father hears and answers are prayers and I am Very grateful for the Palmer police department ready and able to find a missing child with out a second thought..
On a funny note everyone kept saying don't get too mad at him don't punish him. I said I am not mad at all I am so relived that he is OK I could not even think of Yelling at him or anyone else. Garrett said good Because I thought I would be grounded for letting Ben go with us in the forest. I just looked at him and smiled and said you did the right thing letting us know that Ben was missing. Who knows what could have happened if you just continued to play..


Elise said...

OMG, Jen!! How scary. I am glad everything turned out okay!

Karen & Matt said...

That's scary. I'm glad everything turned out okay. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope I never have to go through that...

crystal wolf said...

How scary, I am so glad that he was found so quickly. Though I'm sure it felt like an eternity. {{{}}} Please give him extra hugs from Hannah Momma.

In transition said...

How scary - I can't imagine your panic! Praise God that he was ok - and Praise God that search and resuce is sooo great there. It sounds like the kids that were with him were very astute in letting eveyone know so quickly that he had wondered off.

He must have an angel watching over him;)

Sarah C. said...

OMGosh! So thankful you all found Ben and he was ok. :)

Gabrielle said...


So glad to hear he is home safe and WARM!

Ter said...

so glad everything turned out ok. ((Hugs))

I'm Always Rite said...

Your kids continue to amaze me! :)