Sunday, February 3, 2008

Black eyes and picture frames

Poor Benjamen when we were at church today he fell down and fit the corner of his eye on his chair. I was just leaving the bathroom when I could hear him sobbing and I thought why would Ben be crying he love his sunbeam class. One of the leaders was holding him and I said whats wrong he then looked at me and just started sobbing harder I noticed his eye and asked what happened the leader my good friend Laura said he had hit his eye on the chair. I took him to the kitchen to put ice on it when I put the ice on his eyes he said momma that chair is sure mean it just popped up and hit my eye and I did nothing wrong to it LOL. I said I am so sorry Ben do you want to go back to class he said yes i will just watch out for mean chairs. LOL He is so stinkin cute.

So as promised here is my 3rd craft in my count down to valentines day!!!
These were made by adding little bits of lace to the picture mats. I think they look very romantic.
I put one of my favorite pic of Dale and I in this frame and in the bigger frame I put a pic of my Best friends family.
I really like the way they turned out...


Beth said...

I love the picture frames. They are too cute.

I think it is neat that you blog so much and you can look back and see the cute things your children have said. Ben always brings a smile to my face when I read what he has done now.

shaina said...

Cute conversation with Ben.

The pictures look very nice.

edward said...

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Edward said...

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