Friday, February 8, 2008

Date Night!!!

I live for Fridays. Every Friday night Dale and I go out on a date. I love it !!I love being alone with my Dh it always makes me happy . Dale is more than just my Dh he is my best friend so its like a double treat being with the man (that after 20 years of Dating that still make my heart ship a beat when he walks into a room) and the person who makes me laugh non stop all the time. Ok now that I have made you all sick to your tummy gooing over my DH.

So I made this LO yesterday of Madie . I really love how it turned out..
I had her write her own journaling witch is so dang cute . I know I will be grateful I did later when she is all grown and a bigger Diva than she already is...


Ter said...

I love that you guys have date nights. my husband says you don't date after you get married but ohwell. lol. with our opposite work schedules it never works out anyway, but we do have a nice meal every now and then.

Cute layout! I see that you came in No. 4. ;)

Btw, when your sister moves, she's only going to be 3 hrs away from me, so if you ever go visit her, you'll have to let me know maybe we'll be able to arrange something so we can meet up! :)

PamperingBeki said...

Oh how precious!!

I have a "girl date" with my daughter about once a month and she just loves it.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Teri I cant believe that you will be so close to my Sister . When I come see her most definitely we will have to get together..