Saturday, February 16, 2008

I know you are dying to Know What I got for My Anniversary!!!

OK I am just kidding I know you all aren't dying to know How my Valentine Anniversary went but I am going to tell you all anyways.. It started out as any other day we said I love you when we woke up I gave Dale his gifts A grinder and a watch.. Then He went to go get my gifts. He gave me some new gloves so cute..

He also got me a beautiful Mirror for my bed room and a nice new shirt and a yummy box of trufffels. Then he had to go to school I was a little bummed I kinda wanted to go out to eat and do something romantic. Before he left he asked me if I wanted to go to a late move I said that would be fun. He then said for me to make sure I was dressed cute..I kinda then new he had something up his sleeve.

So I took a shower dress up cute and was on my way to meet him at his school. He then stated driving in the total optiset direction. I told him the gig was up where were we going we ended up at a nice restaurant That we cant remember the name it had garden in it.. It was good it was like a french country grill. We then went home. When I got home there were rose petals all over my floor and candles lit all over my bed room it was very Romantic. There were a dozen Roses and My favorite desert Tarim's waiting in our room as well. My DH had Tree great helpers to help him with the nice surprise. I was very happy. I love Romantic surprises and Dale is always so good at pulling them off.


Karen & Matt said...

How sweet is that!!! Good job Dale! I'm glad you guys had a nice anniversary. I think it's so romantic that you were married on Valentine's day! Jen thanks so much for your sweet comments, They always make my day. =)

Sarah C. said...

How sweet! What a wonderful husband to surprise and spoil you! Glad you two enjoyed your anniversary. Congrats!! :)

Beth said...

How Wonderful! Are you sure have have only been married 18 years? For some reason I was thinking 19 since I will be celebrating my 14th next month.

I have to say that it sounds like you had a wonderful suprise.

Love You.

Gabrielle said...

WOW! What a wonderful VDay! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the pink roses! :)