Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Someone Can some one help me ? It will be worth you time..

I need some one to explain to me as if you were talking to a child how to put links in to my post.

Like if i wanted to put a link shop at Target and then all you would have to do is click on the word Target.

First one to give me instructions that I can understand will get this wonderful prize for there time.

Remember and I am not kidding you have to explain it to me like I am a child also I don't know if this makes a difference or not but I am not sure if I have a classic template or not .


Ter said...

when you want to leave a link, in your editing (where you're writing the entry to your blog) there are buttons at the top. There is one that looks like a chain link. click that. put the url (www) there and then click OK. When you publish your blog, it *SHOULD* come up as a link. Occasionally it doesn't work but try again. :)

hope that helps.

Shea said...

I tried to type what I wanted but since your html is enabled it just made a link. So I'm going to link you to a place that will show you.


Where it says "Absolute Links" is what you want.

shaina said...

Here's how you do it Jen. When you are typing your post, and you want to link people to, say, my blog. (wink) You would type in something like Shaina's totally cool blog.
Highlight that.
All the buttons at the top of your post have things like bold, center, add picture, etc. One of those will say LINK when you put your mouse cursor over it. Click on it and a new small window will appear.
Minimize all that for a second, and in a new window, bring up my blog. Highlight the URL (the whole www thing and copy it.
Go back to your blog and the little window that popped up, and paste the url into it that you just copied from my blog.
Hit ok or save or whatever the button is.
Now it brings you back to your post, and Shaina's totally cool blog will be highlighted a different color.
Now, when people move their mouse over that, it will lead them to my blog.
easy peasy, right? Call me if you have questions.

The Dean Family said...

Jennifer, Come over, I'll show you how it's done.