Friday, March 7, 2008

Sweet little baby hands..

I have had the joy of having a baby this week. A little girl named Tressa. She is has brought pure joy all week long. I think my kids and even my husband miss having a baby around. Everyone has just been gooing all over her all week long. I was worried Ben would be jealous but he hasn't been at all He keeps saying can we keep her momma I love her.. When I told him No we don't get to keep her, he then said something that almost broke my heart in two "Oh we don't get to keep babies at our house They always go away". He then said Is Baby William real or just a dream.. i said He is real he just is not on earth anymore We just get to fell his spirit around us. He then just pouted and said that's not fair I want a real baby we can keep not a spirit baby. How do you respond to that one. I looked at Ben and said your right it's not fair we did not get keep William for long..

Liefs learning experiences some times they are tough. I always use to say if you learn from them then they were well worth the experience. Now I disagree . I don't know what to think other than if you survive losing a Child it's your responsibility to help others do the same.. I know the Lord loves me and that he doesn't give us more than we can Handel .. But Man life would sometimes be easier with out the grief of losing William..

Once again my post took a different turn than I meant it too. All I wanted to write about was the joy of having a sweet baby in our home this week. I have had so much fun making her some bling and just playing with her. (You all Know I had to make her bling after all cant have a baby girl with out Bling..)


Ande said...

I love the feeling of having a new born around. There is something so wonderful about that little innocent life and what joy they bring into the room. My boys are so excited about the new baby. Brennan thought that I was going to have it already and when I got home he asked if he could hold the baby and I told him that we want to baby to stay in for a long time, that right now it's the size of a grain for rice. He thought that was pretty cool and I showed him the picture of the baby, then he made me a drawing of the baby. It was really cute.

Shea said...

I was glad to read that you disagree that something is worth it if you learn from it. Makes me feel normal. I've learned many things from Evie but I'd take them all back a million times to have her with us. (((HUGS))) I think it's extra hard when our children express sadness about the loss of our babies. I get super emotional when they ask why Evie had to die. I want her back because I know they would have been great big sisters.

Anonymous said...

{{hugs}} jen

Ter said...


I know what you mean... it's hard. it's unfair. :(

I think the only thing I'm really grateful for in regards to loosing my daughter is all the wonderful people I've met since. But if I could have my way, we'd all have our children and that we all met in a much happier way.

scrappermimi said...

Such a heartfelt post, thanks for sharing! Congrats on you new little sweetie, they bring so much joy to us!

You are so brave!

Jen Glover said...

How fun to have a new baby around! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know so many of us have been in a similar type situation and can understand the loss of a child. Your family is in my prayers! :)

Oh! How I wish I could be in the apron swap with you! But, I just can't sew! I can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Take care Cutie!!!