Thursday, July 2, 2009


I about saw red today when I walked by the decorative blackboard hanging by my
front door and saw this
You might look at it and say whats the big deal.
It's just a cute chalked smiley face.
Well it's not chalk
Somebody carved a permanent smiley face with a sharp object.
I called the little kids up and asked who did this?
Everyone just looked at me and said not me.
I said fine if nobody will confess then you all have to go to your room for the night.
The boys started crying as they went down the stairs to turn the WII off.
I could here them say it's not fair I did not do it.
Just then Madeline came to me and said.
Mom it was me.
I did not understand at first and I said are you just saying that?
She said no I did it with a nail.
I am really sorry.
I then had the boys come back in the leaving room and had Madeline apologise to them.
I then told the boys to thank Madeline for telling the truth.
I looked at Madeline and told her I was very proud of her for makeing the right choice.
She then smiled at me and said so do I have to go to my room I said yes.
I told her again that I was very proud of her for being honest..
She grinned again and It felt good ..
She is such a good girl..



Bee and Rose said...

She's got a great momma to lead by example! Nails on chalkboard...eeek!

Diane said...

i think you handled it very well! it's always "nobody", isn't it?

Cherie said...

Wow! She is a GREAT girl for fessing up.
It is hard to punish them after they tell the truth.

You handled this so well!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

You handled that well :-)

Gamma Sharon said...

She is a good girl for fessing up... but she made it harder on herself for lying the first time. You handled it well... I know what it is like to see red!

Rocksee said...

Such a good way to handle that.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Awww! You should send that in to The Friend.