Friday, July 31, 2009

It's 4 am and I cant sleep

So what do I do I blog about it.
I have been tossing and turning for hours..
 couldn't stand laying there any longer.
I have cleaned the bathroom.
made a grocery list.
Taken my toe nail polish off.
Checked my one email.
looked at face book.
weighed my self looked at all my fat areas in the mirror
smoothed them out and pretend they weren't there.
contemplated if I still need a boob job the answer is no
I dont need one but yes I still want one
read all the hot gossip in people magazine .
reminded my self that no celebrity looks that good in real life.
They all have cellulite and saddlebags just like me.
and I am still not sleepy.
I dislike it strongly when this happens.
I guess I will just go back and lay down until I
need to get up in 4 hours.



bumb deal : ( I got woken up around 2 this morning from my roommate coming hom and making a whole lotta noise! And I had to be up at 5....wasn't too happy. You know how I like my sleep and how much of a grump I am when i dont get it! lol Hey I'm gonna call around 10 today! love ya bye

Ter said...

I had a similar problem.... I went to bed because I was really tired and then I could not fall asleep for a few hours. I mostly just read my book but man I hate when I can't sleep. On the upside I didn't have to get up at a specific time so I just let myself sleep so it was late when I woke up but I only had 7 hours of (restless) sleep.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry, that is soooo frustrating and exhausting. Hope you get a nap today or go to bed early tonight!

RatalieNose said...

hey at least you're productive!
when I can't sleep I'm a couch potato!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

It's just 11:20 pm and I feel one of those sleepless nights coming on. I think I'm going to go brush my teeth and put on my PJs and come back downstairs and read every blog I can.