Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dale and I the younger years.

Warning you might get 80;s flash backs.
Dale brought up from the crawl space a very old album of our from when we were dating and first married.
My kids and neighbors couldn't stop laughing at some of our pix.
Dan Kadies man thought this pic was super funny for some reason.
He kept pointing out both Dale and my hair, A. for the fact that Dale had hair and B. because mine was so big and wild.
I kept reminding him it was the 80's and we were very styling back then.
He also got a giggle out of my plaid dress and Dales plaid pants.
The sad part is this plaid dress is back in style we saw the exact same plaid dress at forever 21.

pic # 2 this was taken shortly after we were married at some dance.
This is 1990 when the 80's clothes were going out and the even uglier 90's style was coming in.
I can't believe I ever wore a dress that looked like a big shirt. Yuck!
Oh but I thought I was cool back then.
Now lets talk about Dales glasses that covered his whole face.
I still cant believe those were in.
Now all kidding aside I love these old pix because they A show how very young we once were and B they just prove that if we can get through bad hair styles and bad clothing styles we can get through any thing.
PS The one nice thing I have to say about the 80's was the music.
There is nothing like welcome to the jungle and Shout to the hart!
My question of the Day what is your favorite 80's song?


shaina said...

Those are some great pictures. The 80's were really known for some terrible fashion trends, weren't they?

I had dresses just like yours, in both the pictures. I think I even had plaid pants like Dale.

I still love listening to 80's music.

mike said...

Holy Guacamole!!! Those pics are hilarious Jennifer! Thanks for sharing! And my fave 80's song, Don't Stop Believin by Journey!!!

Ann Marie said...

The pictures are awesome!! lol!!

I seriously think some of us girls went through a can of hairspray a day! Too funny!!

My favorite 80's song? That is way too hard.. because I love so many of them.. so I will say the last song I listened to that was 80's that I love.. "If you were here" by the Thompson Twins --from Sixteen Candles soundtrack..

Cherie said...

Love the pictures. We are not that far apart in age and I think I have some with pretty identical clothes and hair - You gotta love it!
The 80's TOTALLY the best for music!!

Loved Everything by Michael Jackson, The Cars, Bon Jovi, Journey....I could go on!! Best music EVAH!!!!!

Diane said...

"if we can get through bad hair styles and bad clothing styles we can get through any thing." LOL!!!!!!!! that's the funniest thing i've read in a long time!

my fave 80s song is just like heaven by the cure! actually, that might be my fave song of all time!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

hee hee....I had big hair too! the plaid kills me!

I STILL listen to 80's music but now they call it the 'oldies!'