Sunday, April 11, 2010

Robbie at the Alaska Geographic Bee

We arrived early Friday morning.
Then we stood in line waiting to register.

He then got in his group to compete in the preliminary round.
He then answered 3 of the 8 questions right.
They were super hard by the way.
I think they were harder than the final rounds questions.
We then waited in the room until all the other groups were done.
So with nothing to do we took some silly shots
We then went to lunch, came back watched the final round then went home.
We were very proud of Robbie for making it as far as he did.
We look forward to watching him try again next year.


The Country Club Kat said...

Love and support, what a great family!

I remember competing for my High School debate team. I could not stop laughing so I was excused. It's funny what nerves will do to ya.

I certainly hope he gets back on the horse.

The Dean Family said...

What a great experience! He'll know what to expect next year! Congrats to Robbie!

Ande said...

Go Robbie!!! He's almost as tall as Dale!!!!!Wow.

Yarni Gras! said...

yay! How neat was that!? He will always remember and appreciate your support in his events! :-)