Monday, April 26, 2010

The foot pop

One of my readers Beth asked me if I new what this pose was called and were it originated.
Believe it or not I new the answer.
It's called the Foot Pop .

Traditionally, when a woman and a man kiss, the woman tends to lift her leg to show just how hot and heavy it's getting or to demonstrate how much she trusts the man to hold her up.
This was often done in the movies when they Hays code was more strict and you had to be careful what you said or showed.

The foot pop is borne out by numerous posed "cheesecake" photographs from the 1930's through the 1960's where the model is striking a Foot Popping-style pose without actually kissing anyone (generally she's the only one in the picture). Many old hosiery advertisements (stockings and pantyhose) also used the trope in this way, to showcase their wares by calling attention to the legs wearing them.
One of the most famous foot popping poses is titled the The kiss

The story behind this photo is pretty amazing as well.

I just Love to do the foot poping pose  and think I look some what glamorous when I do it.
It was become a trademark thing that my husband and I do when we take pictures.

Who knows maybe one day one of my foot popping pictures will become famous.
Beth I hope this answered your question.

So my question of the day!
How many of you new this pose was called the Foot Pop?


Beth said...

Wow! I got my own personal answer in a whole blog dedicated to my question!!! I feel so honored! =) Thank you for doing that...I am going to have to do some more research now that I know what that "pose" is called...the foot pop...who knew?

And YES I love your pictures of you and your husband with you doing the foot pop....I hope one of yours does become famous one day!

Yarni Gras! said...

how neat...didn't know that bit of trivia :-)

Cherie said...

I did because of the movie "Princess Diaries" - in it Mia hopes to have her first "Foot popping Kiss!".

Ann Marie said...

I love it!
So cute that you always do that when you get your "hot and heavy" kiss!

Ande said...

Me!! They talk about it on Princess Diaries, the first one. I love your pics, they always turn out so good and you can tell that you and Dale are still in love. :)

Rayna said...

I did, I did! It's so cute and my daughter does it every time she kisses or hugs her Dad! Aah!