Sunday, April 25, 2010

A happy day!!!

Not only was Friday my birthday it was dales graduation day!
After many years of off and on school he finally got his 2nd associates  degree and his bachelors in management.

Our kiddos were quite proud as well the dean was laughing so hard when she gave Dale his diploma because our kids and my soon to be Son were hollering so loud , I wish I would have looked over in time to get a picture of Ben setting on Dan shoulders waling his arms as he was scream you go Dad.

The diploma
Dan Kadies Man giving Dale a big kiss on his bald but beautiful head.
The university had a small reception afterwards They had several yummy cakes.
And here we are all together except Shelly she was in the middle of Convention for FFA.
Hopefully the next family pic will be with all my family.
Probably at Shelly graduation in a few weeks.


Cherie said...

That is GREAT congratulations!!

I love the picture of the kid kissing his head.

Ande said...

Congrats Dale, that is awesome!!!! Ok, have to ask, is Kadie offically engaged? It is driving me nuts all the hints. :)

shaina said...

So, Kadie is getting married?? Is this official? You need to let us know these things!

Congrats Dale!! I'd give you a kiss on your big bald head too if I was there!

mamaduck said...

Now on to a master's!
Congrats to Dale!

Elizabeth said...

I love seeing all the different personalities in your family.
What a great picture. Am looking forward to Shellys grad pictures soon.

Jenn, you can't really have almost 2 kids graduated, right? lol. Love you.

Elizabeth said...


Congratulations Dale! Way to go. You are such a great example to your kids and others.

Yarni Gras! said...

congrats! Oh, and Bald is Beautiful ...just ask Dean, he is my own super hot man:-)