Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prom cuties!

Last weekend was the prom!
My daughter and her friend spent hours getting ready.
The end result was 3 stunning girls!
Shelly went for a 80's look!
Her wild and crazy.
It totally worked for her.
Shelly and her Date , I think they look very cute together.
I just love that my girls go to prom and have so much fun doing it.
I never went.
My question to you all is did you ever go to prom?
If yes What was your dress like?
If no why didnt you go?


Andrea @ See it! Love it! Win it! said...

How cute! Yes, I went to prom with my sweetie (sweetie then and still now ;) and for jr prom I wore a red, sleeveless dress and for sr prom I wore a purple sleeveless dress. They were satiny (is that a word?) looking and were fitted up top and then just kind of draped to the floor.

Tulsi said...

I went to Prom my Jr. and Sr. years. Summer birthday so I didn't turn 16 until after my Sophomore year. I did get to serve treats my sophomore year so kind of got to go then. But not with the cool dress. My kids all started their Sophomore years. My first dress was like a Gunnie Sack style in ivory lace with pink ribbon. My second one was red and very full at the skirt. Two different boys. I liked them both forever. Still friends. Years '83 and '84.

Sarah C. said...

What fun! Shelly looks awesome! :)

I went all 3 years of high school (our school was 10th-12th grades). The 1st year I had a navy blue dress that was short & had lots of fluff ... what do you call that stuff? Let's just say in memory the dress reminds me a bit of a ballerina's tutu. LOL I so wouldn't choose it again. My jr & sr years I wore the same dress (my choice - I wanted that money for shoes instead of a "one time" dress my sr year). It was peach and long. Very simple. Much more my style.

Karen said...

Terrific! I went back in the stone ages(LOL), per my DDs. My dress my senior year was orange, yelow floral on white with puffy sleeves and a big ruffle at the bottom. We are talking 70s here.................

Cherie said...

Your daughter looks so much like you - she has you facial expression in pictures!
The girls all look great and you daughter and her date look so cute together. I bet they had a good time.

I went to Prom and wore a Gunny Sax dress - they used to be all the rage - I will probably blog about it sometime - Good topic:D

rad6 said...

its such a fun time... we did this last weekend too... loved it.

Small House said...

Prom is such a fun time. I get so excited for my daughter when she gets to get all dressed up!! Your daughter is ADORABLE!!!
I went to Prom. Junior Prom I fractured my foot while decorating for the prom. Had to go on crutches. Senior Prom was voted prom queen. It was a good time.


Mary said...

Girls, I am so with you, I LOVED my Gunny Sax Dresses! What memories. The first guy who asked me to the prom asked if it would be ok if he went with someone else about a week before our prom. Of course I had my dress and all my plans made by that time. Thank goodness I had a prince in shining armor come to my rescue and sweeped me off to the prom. I was a smart girl and married the prince.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

They all look great. Lorelai came home this weekend to go to her alma mater prom with a boy "friend." He's gonna think he's something going to the prom with a college girl!