Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April!!

When I was a little girl I could hardly wait for march to get over.
It has always been my favorite month.
Probably because of Easter, I always new I would get a new dress, shoes ,frilly socks and chocolate of course.
April is also my birthday month!
Surprise surprise I am a diamond baby.
See it's not my fault that I love diamonds and sparkly things, it was just something I was born with.
When I was little I hated the fact that my birth stone was a diamond.
What little girl wants a white birthstone?
I used to envy girls with pink or purple birth stone.
I would get all pouty when I went to the store and saw all the birthstone rings.
I remember when I got my ears pierced I picked out beautiful amethyst earrings, The lady said oh you have a February birthday. I said no I am a diamond baby. She looked at me and said you lucky lucky girl.
I was puzzled at first because I thought having a white birthstone was a curse.
So I asked what makes me so lucky she said because diamonds are a a girls best friend.
It still did not make me happy and I didn't change my mind I got the amethyst starter earrings.
About 8 years later It finally clicked Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.
I now as a grown women love the fact that my birthstone is a diamond.
Another thing I love about April is Strawberry Short cake.

Growing up it seemed like we always had strawberry short cake in April.
I love fresh Strawberry's almost as much as I love Diamond..
Yesterday when I went to the store and saw the fresh strawberry's I couldnt resist buying them to make this strawberry shortcake trifle.
It was so super yummy!

So my question to you all whats your birthstone? Do you love it? Or dislike it?


The Dean Family said...

My birthday stone is emerald, but I've always been partial to sapphires. This is why: When I was younger my parents gave me a diamond and sapphire ring. My grandmother and aunts on my mom's side all wore diamond and sapphire jewelry, so I felt part of their
"club" when I received my ring. I'm not so much into sapphires anymore. I like diamonds - but raw diamonds, diamonds that haven't been cut. Diamonds that still look like stone. I love that they have within them something shiny and perfect waiting to emerge.

Mary Beth said...

My birthstone is an emerald. As a child, I kind of envied my mom's amethyst, but in all actuality, I think the emerald is beautiful.

My soon to be 2 year old's birthstone is the diamond! :)

Turtles In North Dakota said...

HATE.Peridot.I love light green but come on its like the cheapest stone! I was meant to be a diamond girl..

Tulsi said...

RUBY and I LOVE it. I picked out a wedding set that involved Ruby's. They were my first of many Ruby's. Our two girls got their birthstone rings at age 16. The oldest has one that is aquamarine with diamonds in the band. My youngest just got hers in Jan. and has a Garnet ring with diamonds on the side. We also wanted to be the ones to give them their first diamonds. Our son picked out the Strippling Warrior ring.