Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage aprons, and a to die for orange pie

Look at this amazing apron that Janet sent me from her ETSY store.
I just love the vintage lace and doilies she used.
You may want to know how I met Janet well she was nice enough to be the hostess for
Jennifer over  at Hope studios   teach me stuff  Tuesday she donated this apron to one lucky person(me) who  shared there something they made.
I was very shocked when I won!
thanks Janet, and Jennifer.

Speaking of vintage aprons.
I am in the middle of making one right now.
I am really not a vintage apron making type of girl.
I normally love to make my aprons out of designer ,trendy and modern prints.
I joined an apron swap and the theme is polka dots I was very excited and had a beautiful modern print picked out. Then I got my partner who dose not like modern prints or fads, but loves vintage style and prints.
Yikes What was I going to do?
I remembered a vintage cherry blossom print that I bought a while back.
When I pulled it out I was pleasantly surprised that there where polka dot on it.
It was just perfect for what I was doing.

I am paring it with some rick rack ,lace, and putter buttons.
I am super excited to see if I can make my vision work.

Yesterday I made the yummiest orange pie.

It was so creamy and super easy to make.
I really think I am getting good a desert making.
My kids and husband are liking all my desert making too.


Erin Terry said...

Could you post the recipe for the pie? I need something easy to impress my husband with! Im horrible at making deserts!

Cherie said...

Are you sure you don't want to come to our blogger meet in October (Just a few days after General Conference!!) and make aprons with us or cook fun desserts with cute aprons on??? Would love to meet you!!!!

The Country Club Kat said...

Very lovely apron. How do you stay so slim?!

Kelly O. said...

that dessert looks fabulous!!