Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We just had an earthquake Yikes!

This lovely overcast morning as I was getting the last 3 kids ready for school.
The house started swaying and this dishes started clattering in the cupboard.
We all just said at about the same time earth quake.
It only lasted about 20 seconds.
There was no damage, but it was scary.
Madeline was just a little scared to go to school.
I just told her that we would pray for protection and that she would be fine at school.
I have to admit that I was just a little nervous about letting them go to school.
We get little earthquakes all the time because we live only 10 miles from the Castle mountain fault

But this time i just feel edgy for some reason.
I guess I should go and sew to get my mind off things..
Hope everyone is having a good day!!


Sarah C. said...

I've never experienced an earthquake firsthand, but can imagine feeling the earth move (even if just a for a few seconds) would be very unnerving. Glad you all are ok.

Ande said...

wow, the ring of fire is really going. Lots of earthquakes. Do you know how big it was?

Shawnee said...

Oh, creepy. I'm so glad all is well!!

Cherie said...

I grew up in California and have been in my share of Earthquakes and they always are scary. I mean the very earth that we expect to stay still, and that we count on under our feet, is shaking...YIKES!!

I'm glad it did no damage.