Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is posted by the Baptist University That Dale attends.
I really want to go there and say someting naughty but for the sake of not embarrassing my self I won't .
But feel free to in the comments. LOL


Yarni Gras! said...

you are sooooo bad.
That sign reminds me of those awful johnny jokes from junior high school. I know, just horrible. I can't believe I used to listen to those jokes.....mush less that I can REMEMBER that I did! At least I don't remember any of the actual jokes! ha!

Andrea @ See it! Love it! Win it! said...

Ha, that is the most hilarious sign ever! Too funny. I loved reading your 37 things and hope you had a great birthday. My friend Britt's little boy had Trisomy 18 too, she delivered him stillborn. They too are eternally grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever!

Karen and Matt said...

That is freaking hilarious! Matt and I burst out laughing when we saw this! LOL

The Dean Family said...

There are two speed "humps" between Palamino Estates and Snowgoose...I wonder what makes a speed "hump" different from a speed "bump?" Size?

Okay, Jennifer - I know you're thinking naughties about what I just wrote. Seriously! Is a speed "hump" bigger than a speed "bump?"