Friday, April 16, 2010


Shelly brought home several roses the other day to practice making corsages for the FFA convention next week.
I asked her where they got the roses from and she told me that a local florist donated them because they where imperfect.
Later that night I decided to take pix of the roses and while getting close up shots I started to see little scars and bruises on the petals.

I thought ok these are just little imperfections but over all this roses is stunning.
I don't know why but  when I went to bed that night kept thinking of the these imperfect roses as the florist called them.

In the morning I downloaded the pictures of the roses and came across this picture of
Ben's scared, bruised eczema hands and the imperfect scared and bruised rose.
It literally took my breath away.
I love Benny's hands they are big and strong and they feel so nice in mine I especially love kissing them.
I also love the extra time I get to spend with Ben taking care of his hands.
Yet I know the world looks at them as scared bruised and imperfect just like the florist saw the rose.
I then released why I was so bothered about the roses, because we are a society that over looks a person a piece of fruit,a drawing car,an unborn baby with defects a rose all because it's not perfect.
I am so grateful that I have people in my life that over look or don't see my imperfections.
I am grateful that I had parents who raised my to see a world of color and that every one has potential.
I am grateful That Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to give birth to what the world calls a defected or imperfect baby but What I know to be a perfect spirit.

 I hope that every one who read this will stop and take the time to see the perfection in what others may think are imperfect.


Ande said...

Jen, you are so right. Sometims the imperfections is what makes us unique and who we are. All of us have scars and bruises that others can't see, but that doesn't make us any less beautiful to those that truly love us.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a lovely post. It saddens me to think we've become a shallow, disposable society.

Nicole said...

Awww, I love that post and it's VERY true.

Valerie said...

This post stopped me in my tracks. I teared up to think about how society is today. I remember a post you had about Ben's hands and how he thought they were monster hands. I have always admired you and how you raise your children! I love you!! And miss you more than you know! I think it's time we are reconnected!

mike said...

Jennifer - what a wonderful post! So very sweet and wise.