Sunday, August 29, 2010

3 Men and a truck!!

Dale put a bid in silent auction for this truck and won it for 500. He and the boys are so proud of it.
Dale plans on using it for the junk business and  for our move back down the Al-can to Colorado.
That alone is worth it. We plan on moving our selves and we get an allotted amount of money from the Air Force to do it.
Now we don't have to pay to rent a u haul.

I really cant believe how big the thing is and for gas, it takes 400 dollars to fill the thing up.
I guess he is going to have to buy some more junk to sale. LOL
Dale also one a spider Fiat. He will be fringing it home tomorrow. I cant wait to see it I am told it's a looker.
She's red and black but boo a stick sift. i guess I am finally going to have to learn to drive one.


shaina said...

What a great buy! Yay!!!

Ann Marie said...

I am happy for you!

I'm Always Rite said...

Wow! That is one big truck! I can think of a whole slew of fun things to do with it after you move! ;}