Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boy's and their toy's

Yesterday Dale brought home his newest project car.

It's a little Fiat spider.
He picked it at an auction for $250.
It needs a lot of TLC but that's half the fun right.
It was fun last night to watch all the boys and the neighbors checking the car out.
It will be fun to watch them clean, strip, paint and fix this little car.
Now the question is how are we going to get all these cars to Colorado. 


Elizabeth said...

Ummm. Jennifer, Can Dale even fit in that car? I am pretty sure Dale is a tall guy and that car looks very small. :) <3 I bet all the boys have fun fixing that car up.

Yarni Gras! said...

after he fixes it up, I'll come take it off his hands for freeeeee! hee hee!

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

ah, the smell of testosterone in the air