Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoiled again.

In the 2 years plus of swapping I have gotten many aprons that I love.
I think this one by far is one of my favorites.
Not just because it is so fabulous but because who made it.
My bloggy and Face book friend Kat made it.
I consider Kat a good friend.
She always makes me laugh and her post on her blogs are inspiring.
She is one of the most talented people I know, I swear she can create any thing and do a better than awesome job.
For the first time I wish I was going to Disney world instead of Disneyland so I could meet her.
Maybe next time.
Thanks again Kat for an amazing apron package.


shaina said...

I love it, and I love good friends! They make all the difference.

Look What The Kat Dragged In said...

Were you bowing when you wrote this - LOL. Thank you Jenn. You are on my Christmas list too!!!!

jillytacy said...

I can't blame y9ou, this apron is awesome. I hope you have a great time at Disney. Plan a Disney cruise the next time they leave from Florida!

Cherie said...

That is darling.
I love your whole outfit!!
Your poses crack me up - You are so cute.

Ande said...

I love it!! The tights are awesome too and of course the shoes!!

Shawnee H said...

Jenn, I'm talking about apron costumes over at the and linking up to your picture/post. You are the cutest!!