Tuesday, January 25, 2011

365 Days {Day 25 }

{Run baby run}
So for the past week I have been running  inside on my elliptical, trying to prepare my self for this spring when I run on the streets again.
I want to do a half marathon this year I have always wanted to but I always convince my self I can't.
Last fall I was talking to my runner friend Katie and she convinced my I could, she even has a training schedule for me.
So I have been trying to build endurance and cardio.
I was really surprised yesterday when I ran 2 miles strait with out stopping in 22 minuets in-fact I was pretty smitten with my self.
Today I pushed it and ran 3 and a half miles in 45 minutes, not bad but I was hopping to do it in 35 minuets.
Maybe by the end of the week I will meet that goal we will see. 
I gotta tell you all this running is making my poor legs restless at night.
I don't think I am stretching enough.
Or maybe my legs are begging me for mercie.
Any ways this is my story behind my picture for day 25.


shaina said...

I love it. The elliptical is a tough workout! Go Jenn!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Good for you! I havent been able to find my breathing rate. I do 2 miles everyday but can get it under 30 min. Yesterday I tried doing it in an interval seeing if that would work. I would love to get up to 3 miles.

Karen and Matt said...

Go Jen! You can do anything, just believe you can and you will make it happen! I hope your legs feel better too. I hate that achey feeling, it's like having growing pains again or something. Crazy! Keep it up!