Thursday, January 6, 2011

I never Knew Dad was a lego artist!

Ben and one of his many cute moments.
Last night He was playing legos in his room before bed time an I noticed a very large Lego space ship.
I said to Ben " That is an awesome space ship you made."
He replied Dad made it " I never knew Dad was a Lego artist."
Dale is proud of his new title even if it's just Ben that thinks it.


Ande said...

LOL it's funny when they think we can't do things. He is such a cutie!!!

Amy @DYKTMP? said...

Jen I say this because I am a teacher and really it's with all due respect - I think you mean "knew" not "new" :0)

I hope that's not rude!

I'm enjoying looking through your 365 photos. I don't have the patience for something like that. good for you!