Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Days {Day 29 }


Meet  Honest Tony.
We had a yard sale over the weekend Tony showed up and was a character he made us laugh and was quite the bargain hunter.
He bought a few thing and every time he saw something he wanted he paid up immediately.
The last thing he bought was a set of dishes we sold it to him for 35 dollars.
Dale put it in his truck and off he went.
We commented what a cute old man he was.
Saturday morning Tony showed up again and said you know I could not sleep last night.
I said why was that?
He said I forgot to pay you for the dishes, we said no Tony you paid us.
He said no I am sure I did not. He explained that he had a certain amount of money in his pocket and it was still there when he cleaned out his pocket that night.
We were very surprised and touched by his honesty.
He told us when he was little he had stolen a nickel form his father to buy some candy.
When his father found out he spanked him and then told him something he never forgot.
An honest penny earned is worth more than a stolen dollar.
I will never forget Tony and will often tell others of his honesty.


Ande said...

How refreshing to have such an honest person!!!!! Sounds like you guys did awesome on your sale.

Karen and Matt said...

It is nice to hear that somebody still cares enough to be so honest! We can all learn by honest tony's example. What a sweet old man! So glad you did well in your sale!