Thursday, January 13, 2011

My nest is getting empty.

It was only 3 years a go that my kids were still little and needy I was running from point A to B constantly I had 6 kids in 4 different schools I was always exhausted by the end of the day.
Now my kids are getting bigger and leaving the nest.
I never thought this day would com so soon.
Just 7 months a go Kadie left the nest it was hard and sad and I miss her.Photobucket
This week it was Shelly's turn.
She is moving into a house with 2 of here friends and a 90 year old man.
Sounds weird I know but one of her friends grandfathers was living a lone and asked if she would move in with him. She was already in the process of getting an apartment with 2 friends. So lucky them her friends mom agreed that all 3 of them could move in to take care of her Father.
Shelly has been cleaning and decluttering the neglected upstairs where they will be living for the last week.
Yesterday they finally moved in.
I am really sad she is out of our house but excited for her and this new step in her life.

As for my little nest it seems weird to only have 5 kids running around.
It is even weirder cooking for 7 instead of 9.
I am glad I have at least 3 years before Mylissa will want to leave.

My advise to all of you with little ones enjoy your time with them now, because they will all be grown up before you know it.


Christine Jargick said...

awwww. my 16 year old is already planning to be out of the house by the time he is 20. He is an independent kid and I suspect that he cannot wait to get out there and do his thing, much like his mother was at that age :-)

jewelstreet said...

I only have one, and I can't imagine what a blubber ball I will be when she wants to leave. Luckily, I have a few more years.

shaina said...

I'm sure that will be fun for Shelly. It's a learning curve, living with other girls, but fun at the same time.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

I totally understand. Oldest left this summer and my son will be turning 18 soon. He already has grand plans! What will I do with only 1 here!

TonyaRenea: said...

I do not look forward to that day...but I know God will get me through it when the time comes. For now, I'm happy mine are 11 and 8 :)

Yarni Gras! said...

I know i know! I tell my hubby all the time to slow down and enjoy the kids.....
am so glad though that your girls are moving on in positive and Dale should be proud of yourselves...

Tulsi said...

In a different tone, I have a 24 year old daughter, married in the right place with an 18 month old daughter. They just had their 3rd Anniversary. I have 21 year old son on a Mission for our church to come home Feb. 18 - and then he will leave with the Military in June for Iraq. My 17 year daughter (high school Junior) announced last night that she was the oldest Young Women in the church Youth Group and she want her leaders and the girls to remember as some one who helped them achieve her goals. She almost has her Medallion. Mostly done on her own. I'm lucky so far in that Brie lives in my same City and I tend Addi while she finishes her BS Degree and her husband, Shane finish his first Master's degree. We've received notes and calls letting us know what a devoted and kind Missionary Kass is. Mikele is always worried about how she acts so it reflects her values while still being a teenager in her big school. While I miss my babies (Addi takes the sting out) I am so proud of them as the adults they have become and are becoming. I am proud that we have been part of that, but that we have instilled in them the tools they need and that they have been smart enough to use them. I am proud that they are productive citizens. They are kind, gentle, loving, and never leave someone on the outside. When I miss my little kids, I remember those things and that I am in the next phase of life where I am getting more babies and am much smarter now. Steve and I celebrate 25 years of marriage on the 31st so happy together and proud of our children. While I would never change when I got married, I am still glad Brie was just shy of 21 when she did. I was 19 with just one year of college.