Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dinner and a movie!

For Christmas Grandpa and Grandma Wilderness gave us a gift card so we decided to use the gift card to the movies with.
We asked the kids what they wanted to see and they all agreed on Tron.
We had seen the sneak peek at California adventures next to Disneyland and loved it.

We bought our very expensive 3D movie tickets took our glasses and settled into watch the show!
Doesn't Maddy look darling in her glasses?
Ben looks quite dashing in his glass too.
( Nobody else would let me take pictures of them)

We Loved the movie it was much better than the original.
It was all very techno but interesting it was a good family flick.

After the movie we went  to dinner at our favorite pizza place, the moose's tooth.
If you ever come to Alaska you must eat here.
They have homemade root beer and cream soda and there pizzas are to die for yummy.
We had the avalanche, the Santa's helper, The Rockefeller and the Chipolata steak pizza.

( I told then to please stop acting goofy and take a serous shot I guess this is what I get for asking They are all a bunch of smart alec's if you ask me)

I snuck into this pictuer with Maddy just to say I was there too.

I love spending time with my family I am so glad when I get to spend the whole day with them.
I am a little sad that they go back to school tuseday.
This has been a fun Christmas break.

So How has your Christmas break been?


Laura said...

I've never actually been to the M.T. I have heard such great reviews, though, and should try it out sometime. Thanks for the reminder!

Yarni Gras! said...

fast but too fun! Thank you for sharing your year with us!