Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice puddle jumping!

It's been super warm for this time of year here in Alaska as a result we have lots and lots of ice puddles.
Today Garret had tons of fun jumping in them


And we are done.

This was my favorite shot!!
I love that my 12 year old too cool for you boy still likes to be a little kid.
The shots are a little blurry but I love each one of them.

So what's the weather like in you neck of the woods.
It's ben a warm 47 here for the last coupel of day rather strange for this time of year normaly it's 10 below.


Ande said...

He is such a sweet kid. I love these pictures. I am trying to be good and post too, we'll see who that goes. :)

Carla said...

Love puddle jumping!! (and everytime you get to see the 'kid' in your children) Currently we are dry and cool at 46 in East Texas. We go up to 75ish, and down to 20ish, with maybe one good ice storm each winter. Not to fond of ice storms. But I agree, ice puddles are just asking for a good busting!!

Devri said...

Ok you all are crazy! lol brr doesn't that freezing water splash on you all and make you so cold? lol ok I am a baby, but.. Boy does it look fun!

Ann Marie said...

Utah is just ice and more ice!
I miss summer!!!!