Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best Caramels in the world along with the best friend in the world!

Today over at The R family Diaries Tiffany is heaving friends in the bloggy world share post on optimism.
What a truly wonderful thing to do there is so much negativity in the world it is time to spread a little sunshine.
I chose to share this post from a few days ago. I hope it shows that even when we are having hard times we can find the bright sides in life.

Ps if you go over to Tiffany's blog you can read other wonderful optimistic stories, please vote for the post you like best. If it just happens to be mine I would be very happy.

Yesterday I was having a little bit of a pity party. I woke up and took Shelly to school at 6:15 and it was only 4 degrees. I came back home crawled back in bed and just cried. I have been having a hard time with Dale leaving, I feel like he is going to miss so much and selfishly I am going to miss out on some things I had planned to do over the summer. I Was really looking forward to a girls weekend with many of my good friends from Travis Air Force Base, but because of Dales deployment I miss it by 2 weeks. So the cold just pushed me over the edge. I had a good cry and was determined to have a good day.

Mid afternoon I get a box from my BFF from Utah one of my Travis girls with a cute new shirt and a box of the best caramels in the world.I was so excited when I saw the box from V chocolates my mouth started watering and my heart started beating faster , I could hardly wait to pop one of these yummies into my mouth.
As I was savoring my yummy caramels. I felt an overwhelming since of love, My BFF Berni Jo always know just when to call and just when to send a special something in the mail. I love her so much and cant wait to see her later this fall. I have always said we should have been sisters.
I have a few other friends I feel the same way about, I truly am a blessed person.

Here is my goal for today! With this fun yellow spring print I am going to make myself a purse to brighten up this long winter. I am sure it Will bring a smile to my face when it is done.
So I guess I better get off and start sewing.



Dari said...

Those caramels look amazing!! I think those are the ones they sell at Tai Pan Trading, I always make sure to get a sample when I go there ;)

You have a great attitude about your hubby leaving. That would be so hard. You are awesome to run that household all by yourself while he is gone. Hope you have a great day!!

Nicole said...

YUM I love anything carmel! I hope you feel better soon and Dale will be home before you know it. Take care.

Cherie said...

Such a sweet friend!

What am I doing today? I don't do St. Patricks day and someone stole my orange shirt so I am doing "Topless St. Patricks Day!".

Where are those bowling balls??? ha ha

Sarah C. said...

((HUGS)) We all need to crawl back into bed for a good cry every now and then. I hope it helped ease things just a little. And how sweet of your friend to send that nice package. Those caramels look delicious!

Gamma Sharon said...

My heart goes out to you! That last commenter is right, we all have to crawl back in bed for a good cry every once in a while! I am glad your day got better... what a wonderful friend!

shaina said...

I'm sad that you will miss the reunion too. Maybe I can catch up with you in the fall.
I'm glad Bernie Jo is in tune with you. She's a great lady.
Hope your purse turns out amazing. Love ya!

Yarni Gras! said...

it's okay to have little roll in pity once in a while.....then dust yourself off...which is exactly what you did. Sometimes, girls just need to shed a few tears, ya know. eat some more caramels and go sew something FABULOUS!

Diane said...

i think it's good you had yourself a cry and got some of it out of your system.

how awesome is it to get good mail?!

at first i read the title "the best CAMELS..."!!! hahaha

Kerri said...

I'm sorry you are havinga sad time. I know it must be hard to know your husband is leaving. And you are probably just sick of the cold! I hope you feel better soon. That was nice of your friend.

devri said...

What a great friend.. Sorry you are feeling down. Hubby's are the best, and sometimes they actually help out...tee hee!

Have a great night!

Turtles In Alaska said...

I was having that same hard day today. I got this great cheerful call from one of my bffs. I am glad you got a hug in the mail! Cant wait to see that purse too.

Ter said...

Somehow I missed this post.... The caramels look soooo goood! I'm jealous, I could use some caramels!

I understand that it would be difficult for your husband to leave. I know it must be scary not knowing if he will be safe or not, and just having to deal with every day life. I know our situations are different, but I do understand, and I hope you know that I'm here for you. I know that you have plenty of friends (bloggy and otherwise) who are here for you, and while I know that won't make up for Dale's absence, I hope it will help ease the transition and help you through the time until he comes home.

I'm Always Rite said...

What a fabulous friend! I have a sister like that. She always seems to know when I need a care package or call and she always sends the best stuff! Once she bought and sent me these flip flop slippers I had wanted at Walmart but they didn't have my size in Arkansas. I had never even mentioned them to her, but two weeks after I had seen them they arrived in my size in a fun little care package. :)

I hope you're feeling sunnier now.

I'm totally bummed you'll miss girls weekend. Why not leave the kids to their own devices for a weekend and come party with us anyway!? ;) haha!

Ande said...

I wish you were able to come to. I am thinking about just coming up to see you instead. Haven't made up my mind though. Hope that us talking didn't make you cry.

Joy said...

I think it's awesome that you have a plan to help change your outlook!

Diva Scrapper said...

Thanks for sharing..I hope you finished your purse that print is adorable.

Tiffany said...

This is such a fabulous post.

What a great friend.

4 degrees? I'd need lots of presents.

Anonymous said...

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