Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What was I thinking?

I loved this apron until I put the ugly pocket on it..
I will be askeing it off tonight and putting a different one on the bottom, Other than that I like it.

On to other news!!
My counters are being put in as I type. Yipe
They look amazeing!! I cant wait to show you pix..

One more thing I promise..
I did not get my hair cut yesterday because my hairstylist was backed up(it was all Kadies fault) She took to long getting her hair stripped back to blond.
So tonight I will b getting my hair all purity.
I will show you pix in the morning.



Catrina & Randy said...

I love the bright colors of the new apron.

Can't wait to see your new counters :)

Anonymous said...

Is that a half orange apron!?

Ter said...

cute apron! (though I must agree about the pocket... perhaps if it was the same color as the rest of it, then it would be a bit better?)

other than that it looks great.

lol@yaya going gaga over the apron. lol

RatalieNose said...

love that apron!!!!

Gamma Sharon said...

It is a cute apron, other than that pocket, I agree with you. Cant wait to see your counters.

Bee and Rose said...

You are so talented, lady! I wish I could sew!

Blog Stalker said...

I agree with moving the pocket and so so exciting getting the new countertops! We still love ours and that was like 5 years ago(ish)

Have a great day!

Sarah C. said...

Love the cheery spring colors of that apron. :) Looking forward to seeing the counters & new cut!

I'm Always Rite said...

Can'nt wait to see the new do. :)