Sunday, March 1, 2009

Purses and Papaya's

I thought if I am going to sell purses I might as well make my self some to show off my wares.
I often get asked where did you get your purse where did you get your shoes etc. So now i can say I make these purses. Now I just need to get business cards.

This purse is made from my favorite color combo, red, white and black. I really like how it turned out but I think if I make this style again I will curve the bottom.When I was little and lived in Hawaii I use to eat Papayas all the time, I really loved them.
Well last night I was eating some dehydrated papaya before I Went to bed. I was a little itchy and noticed a few hives on my legs , I thought it was no big deal and went to sleep. I Woke up in a start from a dream were some one was smothering me with a pillow. I was gasping for air and hardly getting any into my lungs, my chest felt very heavy and when I touched it I realised there where hives all over it. I then realized I was having a sever allergic reaction my throat kept swelling and it was getting harder to breath I ran into the bathroom and chugged down some of Ben's benydrill. My breathing slowly started to get better and I was soon breathing normal. I was kinda scared to go back to sleep but soon the effects of the benydrill knocked me out. I woke up wondering what the heck caused the attack. I then realised I had not eaten papaya since I was younger. So I ate a piece just to see what would happen, as soon as I ate some my tongue began to swell and my throat started to close. I was shocked at just how fasted it affected me this time. I took more benydrill and was fine. I cant believe how something that never effected me as a child could as an adult.


Ter said...

that must have been scary. I've never had a papaya.

the purse is cute.

Diane said...

holy smokes! i'm glad you're ok! it's good that at least now you know.

good job on the purse! my fav color combo too, as you know! :)

Elizabeth said...

I find something has changed after every birth. One Asthma, hair falling out, new allergies and so on. So sorry that you can't have something you love. I can't have bananas.

I love the purse and agree about curving the bottom. Beautiful.

Karen and Matt said...

Holy cow, that is scary! I'm so glad you are ok. So sorry that you will no longer be able to have that yummy papaya. That color combo is one of my favorites too! I love the purse, very cute! =)

Cherie said...

Wow! That is pretty scary. Glad you woke up and had Benedryl handy.

The purse is adorable.

I left you an award on my blog - be sure and "pick it up" next time you visit"DD

Kerri said...

That has happened to my Mother in law a few times. Scary.
When I read your title I thought you were introducing the name of your etsy shop. Purses and Papaya. I thought, "Oh how cute"! I haven't been able to read blogs for a week or so and now I see that I have 5 of your posts to catch up on!

Nicole said...

Oh how scary!!! My son has a nut allergy, it has been so long since he has eaten anything that I dont know how quickly it would come on if he did eat something. You had better get yourself an epi pen just in case!
By the way, I will be doing my 100th post sometime this week and there is a giveaway involved! Keep watch.

Ande said...

Weren't you allergic to certain fruits while pregnant? That would freak me out waking up like that. I love the purse. You make sure fun things.

RatalieNose said...

love the purse!

I'm Always Rite said...

Wow! Glad you were able to dream yourself awake. :] You know, I didn't realize I was allergic to bananas until a couple monts ago when my baby sister told me she is allergic to them and how they affect her and that is exactly what happens to me when I eat them. :\ Wow!

Sweet purse! :)