Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This picture has blackmail written all over it! Don't you think?
Madeline got this cute Fancy Fancy crown from her sister Kadie for her birthday and garret decided. It looked better on him .

I think I will blow it up and frame it about the same time he starts dating. The girls will probably think it's cute but his guy friends will tease him unmercifully.
Yes I am a mean mom..

I am being optimistic that today will be a great day!!
My car still won't start and is still at the quilt shop so hopefully tomorrow Dale will be able to get a good peek at it and figure out whats wrong. We kinda think it may be the ignition switch.
I really need to get some more fabric bought and other things before my store opens in a week. So this is makeing me sick with worry that its going to sl0w me down.

I just need to take a deep breath and have faith that every thing will work out and that the car will be an easy cheep fix. It still puzzles me why it was fine when I went into the store and now wont start. I guess that is what makes me crazy we had no warning. You would think with a luxury car with all the bell and whistles it would warn you before something was going to go wrong.

I hope every one is haveing a great day today!



jewelstreet said...

Oh, dear! Hope he can figure it out. I hate it when that happens, and it's happened to me a lot.

Now when you list things in your shop, save some stuff. Like, don't list everything at once. List a few things through the course of the day then list something at least once a day after that so people will see you. Okay. done now. lol.

The Dean Family said...

I had the car thing happen to me last week! Not so fun. It cost a pretty penny to fix - but what can you do?

Can't wait to see your etsy shop! It's going to be so great!

Bee and Rose said...

That picture is too funny! Cat has this same crown. I am going to put in on Connor's head for some blackmail action too! LOL!

Elizabeth said...

You poor girl. I sure hope Dale can fix it soon. So did you ever decide on a name for your store?

Ann Marie said...

Black mail can be good!
Sorry for your mishaps lately.. We all seem to have those days every once in a while.. USUALLY before something great is about to happen.. Like your store opening.

Pray that you have the strength to get it all done. You are an amazing woman with so many cool talents!

RatalieNose said...

HAHAHA my family has SO much blackmail on me for when I start dating.....

The Blonde Duck said...

You need to keep that for the wedding slideshow!

Ter said...

lol re: blackmail photo!

hope everything works out!

Nicole said...

Car troubles are such a pain! Hope you get it figured out.

I'm Always Rite said...

Oh Jen, I really hope you're able to get the thing up and running. Care trouble can be so stressful. Don't let it get you down. :]

Yarni Gras! said...

blackmail? YES........when do I get my money?