Saturday, March 28, 2009

your gonna miss this

AS Dale was makeing dinner tonight i just watched how he and the kids were interacting. He was teaching Kadie to cut onions and tomatoes and I just thought ,"He gonna miss this.". We have so little precious time left with Kadie before she gets married and has her own kids.
Then another of life's sweet moments happened. Ben kept spanking Dale until Dale lifted him up and tickled and kissed him. Exactly what Ben wanted. He then smuggled into Dales neck and said I love you daddy. My heart swealt as I had tears in my eyes as I thought "There gonna miss this".
Then the word to Trace Adkins Song Your gonna miss this started playing in my head and the tears just started rolling down my face. I hate that Dales leaving and that he is gonna miss the little things that go on each day in our house. I am sure going to miss him.



Ter said...

Every day that my husband has been gone, I think "he's missing this" :(

and I think the same for my daughter....

It's so sad that people can't be together when they want to be.


I'm sorry. :(

Elizabeth said...

Awe your family is so cute. I am sorry that Dale is leaving, but happy that there was a mix up and you get him for an extra two weeks.

I am so glad you caught it on camera. Love You.

Nicole said...

Aaww I'm sorry hon. I wish we could all make it better for you. All I can say is that he will be home soon!

Tonya said...

Yeah, we all miss out on something from time to time. My husband deploys again in May, he'll be gone 4 months. The kids and I are planning to journal all our adventures while Daddy is gone and I plan to journal the things they wouldn't especially for him. Gotta make the best with what we got, when we can and treasue those little moments that make us say "your gonna miss this". {{{Hugs}}}

Ande said...

Hey you. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was leaving from here and asking us to keep an eye on you. WIsh we could be there to help out again. Enjoy the next few weeks until he leaves.

Gamma Sharon said...

Just know I am thinking about you!

RatalieNose said...

That's a great song!
You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers!

skywind said...

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Sarah C. said...

Brought tears to my eyes. I hate this for all of you. I know Dale's service is truly a sacrifice by you and your kids as well. ((HUGS)) So glad you all are able to enjoy some fun, real life moments like these before he leaves and that you captured photos of them. It doesn't replace what will be missed, but at least reminds you of the wonderful times experienced and those ahead when he returns. I think Tonya had a great idea to journal while he's gone. Hopefully he can get to the internet periodically too and see your blog to help feel more connected.

In transition said...

I hear ya Jen! Mike has been gone since August except for a few short weeks. He misses out on all of the fun little moments with the kids, and unfortunately, some of the really big ones!

All I can say is SKYPE SKYPE SKYPE! We are total skype junkies and it makes the time go by so much easier. It was really hard for us financially to spring for a laptop to send with Mike, but it has made the distance bareable. I even have it on when we fall asleep, just so he can be there with us. If you can, try to do it!

Chin up!

Ann Marie said...

I loved this post.. Very sweet.
Your countertops look great!

Can he look at the blog while he's away? My friend'd husband could and she tried to journal something everyday just for him.

I'm sorry for you.. I rely on my husband alot! Keep enjoying him while he's here!!

Kerri said...

You are going to miss him. It will be hard, and I'm sorry he has to leave.

crystal wolf said...

I promise it will go by faster than you think. Just keep yourself and the kids busy and the time will fly by.

Maybe you can do a Dad-vent calendar for Madie and Ben like we did for Hannah.

Tulsi said...

My husband missed his youngest daughter turn from preteen to teen when he was deployed. Our son changed because he was taking care of us. The oldest daughter didn't change much as she was in college. We made it through with skype and emails. It would have been so much harder if it hadn't been for those two things. Not all of them have that, depending on where they go. We are looking at another deployment. Only this time my son will be going, too. But we're seeing what this new presidency will do before we have it in our heads. Good luck to you guys!! Take lots of pictures. I like your bag, too, by the way. With the button or a different choice.

Kimberlee said...

Just a {{{HUG}}}

Yarni Gras! said...

bittersweet moments like that....but just think, Dale will be thinking of just these moments while he is away. The fact that the song came on (love that song), just makes it even sweeter.
Just know all your friends will have Dale (and the family) in their prayers until he gets home safely!

I'm Always Rite said...

He'll miss it... for now.

But he'll be back before you know it.

I'll pray for time to fly for all of you while you're apart.

P.S. I hate all the things Superman misses when he deploys too. It totally sucks and I totally empathize. :]