Monday, March 2, 2009

Terrible horrible rotten no good day!

I have not accomplished on thing to day.
My house is a mess.
My laundry is piling up.
I have not sewed on thing.
I went to run some errands and guess what happened?
I come out of the quilt shop and my car wont start.
What heck!!
If thats not bad enough I had forgotten my cell phone.
Went back in the quilt shop to use there phone.
My kids would not answer.
Finlay Kadie answered after I called 5 times.
Thank goodness Kadie was home so she could come and get me.
Dale wont be home until late that means no car tomorrow.
So I get home started dinner just to burn it...
I guess I am just going to pig out on junk and watch the Bachelor and sulk until Dale gets home.
Yes I am winning !!
Now give me some cheese MOM!
(inside joke)


skywind said...

I hope you had a happy today. :)

grammatrish said...

hi Jen,thanks again for signing up for my pay it forward. I remember you now, from apronista. I NEED to get back over there.

Kerri said...

I'm sorry your day was so horrible! So , I haven't watched this season of the Bachelor until tonight and I couldn't stop watching. Pretty dramatic stuff huh?

Rayna said...

Ugh, I hate those days! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!
in the words of Annie, "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

shaina said...

Did watching the bachelor make you feel any better? lol.
Good thing everyday starts fresh. Sorry about your crappy day.

Sarah C. said...

((HUGS)) Hope today goes better.

Ande said...

Sorry that you had such a rotten day. I know how that goes. Hope that you get your car going soon. And that you have a better day.

Karen and Matt said...

Sorry that you had such a rotten day. ugh I really hate those kinds of days. I hope you get your car back soon! =)

CathyJean said...

"It's time to call it a day"
"This too shall pass"
"Life is not a bed of roses, you know"
Did any of those "mother sayings" help? No!?? I didn't think so! LOL!! They never helped me either, but my mother always insisted on preaching them to me on those kinds of days.
The best I can say is your "icky day" is over! YAY!!

Sally-Ann said...

When I saw the title of your post, I cracked up. A few years ago, my son made everyone run late, when it was his turn to be dropped off at school, he said he needed a note so he wouldn't be marked as tardy. He was quite a snot about it, so my husband put on the note - Please excuse Joshua for being late, he is having a no good terrible rotten day. Joshua didn't read the note, just snatched it and turned it in. The office staff had quite a laugh.
Hang in there!!

I'm Always Rite said...

What a totall bummer of a day. Thanks for sharing because sometimes I feel like it's just me the world is out to get. :]