Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boy friends and prayers

Not my boy friend! So get your head out of the gutter, I am talking about Kadies.

My pat 2 post have been about my car woes, I was really concerned about the cost of getting it fixed.

My husband called me yesterday and said he was coming home from work early to look at the car.

He asked if I would have Kadie call her boy friend to see if we could come over to help him tow my car back to the house.

Kadie's boy friend knows his way around cars pretty well and has a brother who is a mechanic, so he got this tool that will bypass the starter so that it would start.

It worked so they drove my car over to his house to get a better look.

He was the explaining about the weirs in the starter to Dale we hit one of them and it fell down.

Some how it had been cut and thats why it would not start.

A simple little weir that was easily fixed by My husband and Kadies boy friend.

The thing that cracks me up is that neither of them thought it was a weir they actually thought it was something else in the starter or the starter it's self.

They only looked at the wire , so Russ could explain something to Dale.

I guess new starters are different than the classic car starters that Dale is used to working on.

So it was a fluke that they figured it out so quickly and with no expense.

Or was it a fluke?

I prayed from the minute the car whodunit start that we would figure out what was wrong with it with out costing us a pretty penny.

So thank you heavenly father for answering a simple little prayer so quickly.

I also wanted all my bloggy friends that were praying for me and giving me good thoughts.

Now with out worry I can fish up the things I need to do to get my shop up and running.

Yikes I have less than a week to go.



Anonymous said...

Oh that's a relief! Glad it's fixed!

Catrina & Randy said...

Don't you love when things turn out so perfect.

Can't wait for your new store to open. I think it's time I get an apron!

Elizabeth said...

YOu are so cute and blessed. I am so happy Kadie is dating such a hand car man. Good luck on the store.

jewelstreet said...

Yay! I'm learning just how much different newer cars are than the older non-computer cars. Give me an old one any day. Glad it was just a wire!

RatalieNose said...

finally boys are put to good use!!!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

WHEW! Praise the Lord!!!

Ter said...

I'm glad it was a simple and easily fixed problem that didn't cost you much! :)

Ande said...

glad that it worked out. If only I could do that with my van. Transmission probs, yippee for us. :)

Nicole said...

Well thats good! Now you can focus on more important things huh?!

Cherie said...

It is SO nice when a simple solution shows up to what looks like a big and costly problem.

So glad you were able to get your car fixed without expense! Yahoo!!
What a relief.

Have a Super weekend and I hope yo got that cheesecake - even though the Bachelor SUCKED!!! :D

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad it's fixed!

American in Norway said...

Yea! So glad you got it fixed... that sounds like a keeper for Kadie! :)