Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Drama at the scrap store..

So I went to the to the craft garden one of my favorite places to go .

I new the minute I drove up I should have stayed in the car and drove home,

Right as I got into the parking lot Ben started screaming I NO LIKE THIS PLACE. I NO LIKE IT TAKE ME HOME !

Well did I listen NO shame on me.

I dragged Ben in anyway and he was OK at first and then he started climbing the displays and when I stopped Him he screamed I no like you momma . I HATE this store. OF course I was totally mortified.

The shop owner a young mom just stated laughing she totally understood Ben.

So she gave him some candy and some paper to draw on while I shopped . Bless her heart !

I was so grateful she didn't kick us out of the store

When we left the store Ben said I like this store. Can we come back.

I said I don't know we will just have to see . He then said please I like this store.

Oh the irony. 3 year old they are so dang fun!


Ter said...

heh, at least you got a picture! :)

Kimberlee said...