Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Bargain of the week!!!!

So I have been looking for a new purse and I have had no luck other than the $260.oo purse that I want. I just cant pay that much for a purse so I set my limit to $80 dollars tops. I have found purses that I have almost bought but they just weren't right. I wanted a purse that when you saw it you would know it was Jennifer's purse.

The other day I took Kadie to the thrift store to buy a 80's dress for the up coming Church dance. I went in the back room were the luggage and back packs are and boom there is this purse that looked kinda fun . I put it on my shoulder and started to walk around the store 5 people stooped me to tell me how cute my purse was. Then I ran into my friend and she said Jennifer I love your purse! It certainly looks like a purse you would have is it new? I then told her I haven't bought it yet. She said you just found it here I said yep I was trying it out to see if I liked it. Well I bought it and here is the kicker it was only $2.00 it was brand new with all the packing still in it and it has a place to put my sunglasses, keys and cellphone. So who needs a $.260 purse when you can get a smashing one for $2.00.


shaina said...

The pictures are kinda dark, but I can see it's got animal print! What fun. It is definitely a great find!! Now...what to do with the $258 dollars?

Ter said...

That poor giraffe!

But what a great bargain!! :) :) So, is there a spot for all that money you saved? ;)